• Rap boss101

    1 Rapper 4 Pics
  • BaseballPoppers

    Baseball Poppers
  • Grey Boss

    Trivia Blitz - Grey's Anatomy Edition
  • Mad Mushrooms

    Mad Mushrooms
  • Deer

    Popping Reindeers

    Football Poppers
  • Rap boss

    Ultimate Rap Trivia Quiz
  • True app

    Trivia Blitz - True Blood Edition
  • xmas movie

    Christmas Movies
  • santa pop

    Santa Poppers
  • SITSapp

    Sex and The City Trivia
  • PrankMaster

    Haircut Prank
  • xmas songs

    Christmas Songs
  • EntourageITA

    Trivia Blitz - "Entourage edition"
  • YoungSaved

    Trivia Blitz - "Saved by The Bell edition"
  • Desperate Housewives

    Trivia Blitz - "Desperate Housewives edition"
  • Crazy Msuhrooms

    Crazy Mushrooms
  • USW

    Ultimate Space Wars
  • thanks

    Thanksgiving Trivia
  • Full House Trivia

    Trivia Blitz - Full House edition
  • Turkey

    Turkey Poppers
  • Soccer

    Soccer Poppers
  • traditions

    Christmas Traditions
  • movie tri

    Movie Trivia
  • Boy meets
    Boy Meets World


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"These apps are nothing short of extraordinary. All of the trivia apps have remarkable content and are enjoyable to play." - Whitney Benson, App User

App Review

"Todd is a one of my best-friends. The apps he has created are awesome and I know the ones he will create in the future will be just as great." - Jerome Lenoir, App User

App Review

"1 Rapper 4 Pics is one of my favorite apps! I hope Todd continues to make apps with hip-hop/rap themes." - Carl Johnson, App User